Looking to Save Money & Use Less Energy as a Renter? Follow These Tips – Life Indigo

With the inception of 2022, the inflation rate has been soaring. From gas, and electricity to utility bills, every consumer good has been costly. That is why it is important to stay organized and look for savings everywhere.

If you are a renter, you can tell that this high inflation rate equally applies to you and it affects your lifestyle one way or the other. Like it or not, you are destined to pay your monthly bills – regardless of your excuses.

Renda / Pexels / Less usage of energy and saving money are no rocket science. Be smart and save up a decent amount on your electricity bills.

With that said, you may opt for simple tips and shortcuts to save energy – which in turn equates to saving money. Tricks like turning off unused light, replacing bulbs with energy savers, and keeping your thermostat at a decent temperature are pretty basic ones that can be handy in reducing the usage of energy. Now, let’s go deep. We have collected a few efficient tips and tricks that can help you in saving money on energy. Let’s go through them step by step:

  • Replace the Existing Lighting As You Move in

One of the most effective ways of reducing the usage of energy is possible through replacing the existing lighting. once you move into a new house, you need to analyze the kind of lighting that is used.

More often than not, homeowners use lighting that are ineffective with the consumption of energy. So, first thing first. If the lighting is high electricity consuming, replace them with the effective ones.

Myicahel / Pexels / Some lights consume more energy than others. Replacing them is an effective step towards saving money as a renter.

Generally speaking, energy saver lights are more efficient in terms of energy consumption as compared to light bulbs and others. So, grab one at your nearest shop and make use of it.

  • Be Smart With Your Thermostat

Thermostats are auto devices that keep the temperature of your space normal. So, another effective way of saving money on electricity is possible through becoming smart with your thermostat. Here is how it will work: Put it on auto and let it align the temperature of your space on its own. Once it is too hot, it will cool the temperature down and vice versa. As a result, you will have staggeringly less consumption of energy.

Erick / Pexels / Users assert that the accurate usage of your thermostat can help you save up to $200 a year.

Nonetheless, it is pertinent to mention here that you must put the thermostat at the ideal temperature every season. Be it in winter or summer, make sure that your thermostat is put on the ideal temperature and is on autopilot.

Here are some quick bonus tips:

  • Unplug appliances every time you use them.
  • Replace showering with bathing.
  • Repair leakages and resolves maintenance issues.