Jennifer Lawrence Is Gearing Up To Return To The Entertainment Industry Through Movies

Jennifer Lawrence’s career took a bit of a hit when she started pumping out X-Men sequels. The movie met with lukewarm reviews and box office receipts. This happened after she shot to superstardom in the early 2010s. Thanks to her roles in “The Hunger Games” trilogy and “Silver Linings Playbook.” The audience and the critics gave this movie lukewarm reviews.

Elle / Jennifer’s role in the sci-fi movie series “The Hunger Games” brought massive criticism.


This caused her career to take a bit of a blow. During an interview to promote her most recent film, Causeway, Jennifer Lawrence addressed her closest friend Adele’s efforts to discourage her from joining the science fiction thriller Passengers. She co-starred with Chris Pratt in 2016. They released the film in 2016. Denis Villeneuve stayed behind the camera for this movie as a director.

  • What Did She Say?

“Adele strongly advised me to reconsider going through with it!” Lawrence sent this information to the Times. If I had paid more attention to her when she made remarks like “I believe that space movies are the new vampire pictures,” it would have been better for her.

Movie Review / Jennifer ‘confesses’ that if she would have followed the advice of Adele, things could have been different for the star.


Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt portrayed the characters of two passengers. They awake from a cryogenic sleep aboard a spacecraft. They wake up many years before their scheduled arrival in the film “Passengers.” The critics described the movie as a “risky two-hour performance of sci-fi Stockholm Syndrome.” Chris Nashawaty of EW criticized the movie in these words. The critic said so even though they marketed the film Passengers as a romantic comedy. It featured two of the most talented actors in Hollywood at the time. This was his point of view.

Pratt starred in and was a producer on the film Passengers. He remarked that the movie’s criticism threw him “extremely off guard.” It surprised him to a considerable extent. He also said that the end product was “truly wonderful.” Pratt also indicated that he was “really taken off guard” by the criticism of the picture.

The LA Times / Producers and makers of the movie are still “steadfast” in the defense of Jennifer Lawrence.


Pratt and the film’s producer, Neal Moritz, remained steadfast in their defense of the movie. They did so for several additional months after its original release.

  • What Was Lawrence’s Reaction?

On the other hand, Lawrence didn’t try to gloss over any of the unfavorable facts. When the reporters asked her how she felt about movies, that failed to elicit an emotional response from audience members. She offered the following statement: Oh no, the reason you guys are here is that I am here, and the reason I am here is that you guys are here. It’s a circle that never ends. Hold on, what? Who decided that this was a movie that should be watched? Jennifer said.

She later commented that at that point in her career, she felt “like more of a celebrity than an actress.” She added that I was “shut off from my creativity, my imagination.” She was referring to how she felt during that time in her career. She is getting back to working in the industry now. Moreover, it is going to be a treat to watch her.

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