CFOs Looking To Take The CEO Spot Should Know This

When it comes to the hierarchy of an organization, multiple roles come together to make it continue functioning and progressing. Some roles take on higher responsibility and stake, they supervise the work being done by the other employees while other roles focus on important aspects of the organization like marketing, reputation, and finances.

Because of this, the people assigned to these roles have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders and are often considered to be the leading forces of the organization. However, one role in particular displays a lot of potential and it is the chief financial officer role (CFO).

In recent days, the role of CFO has not only expanded in the corporate brands but has also become an important bit to managing the growth of the business and pushing for transformation. One could argue that the CFO role has become just as high-profile and strategic as the role of the CEO, so what does it take for a CFO to take the CEO’s spot? Keep on reading to find out more.

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Change In The Dynamics

You may have noticed a large number of companies that are now promoting their CFOs to the CEO role mainly because of the CFO’s extraordinary personality and ability to navigate the business through hardships and uncertainty. Previously, it was the chief operating officer that would go to be the second in command after the CEO but now CFOs are considered to be the logical successor to the highest position in the organization.

It was during the pandemic that the role of CFOs began to evolve into a more leadership role. Generally, CFOs are considered to lack leadership skills and are best to stick with the financial aspect of the organization. But as time went on, CFOs got the opportunity to explore their horizons and take on risks when needed. This has opened the doors for other CFOs to aim for the CEO’s position and know that they are capable of the job. 

Antoni/Pexels | But the question comes in, are they qualified for it?

The Secret Ingredient

When stepping into a new role, it is completely natural to feel elated about the position and the newfound benefits that come with it but the position isn’t everything. You have to grow into this role now that you have the opportunity.

There will be a lot of scrutiny, waiting for you to take the seat and if you are to fall short then you might not be the best fit for the job. The reason behind it is that as a CEO, you have to be an all-rounder. You have to take risky decisions, lead your team, and make timely decisions. 

Alexander/Pexels | Most importantly, you have to take accountability for the orders you’ve given out, and the decisions that you have made

A fancy title and a pay raise are always attractive but make sure to be mindful of the added responsibility that comes with it.

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