Elon Musk Converts Twitter Office Into Bedrooms

Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, has erected beds in Twitter’s workplace for employees who have embraced his “hardcore” work ethic. BBC has obtained images of workplace areas that have been transformed into beds. The viral photographs validate the Insider report from a few days ago, which stated that Twitter’s offices now have bedrooms.

While some rooms resemble hotel rooms, some sofas have been transformed into beds by covering them with a white sheet. Additionally, employees have closets to store their clothing and other belongings.

Twitter/ India Today | One bedroom has a queen size bed, a bedside table, two armchairs, and an orange carpet, per Forbes.

BBC has obtained images of Musk’s converted Twitter offices into bedrooms. The images depict one bedroom with hotel-like amenities, while other rooms had only sofas with white bed sheets. It appeared to be a place for those who wished to retire or take a brief break from work. Since acquiring the company, Musk has been residing in the Twitter office, according to a Twitter employee.

Details of the office bedrooms

According to Forbes, each floor contains between four and eight-bedroom pods. The rooms have unmade beds, drab drapes, and enormous telepresence monitors in the meeting rooms. In addition, one of the rooms contains bright orange carpeting, a wooden bedside table, a queen bed, and two office armchairs. According to images supplied by a BBC reporter, the sleeping pods on Twitter also contain large lighting, televisions, and air purifiers.

The refurbished rooms now have beds with mattresses, drab curtains and conference-room-like telepresence monitors. One of the other rooms even includes vivid orange carpeting, a queen bed, two office armchairs, a wooden bedside table and more.

Musk has boasted that he personally has slept on the Tesla production floor. According to him, sleeping at work is a sign of commitment to the cause, not an indication of a seriously dysfunctional work-life balance.

Local reaction

Evan Jones/ Twitter | A source told Forbes there could be between four and eight bedrooms per floor.

However, as soon as it was announced that Mr Musk had transformed the office into beds, local officials began an inquiry. In a statement, Patrick Hannan, the department’s director of communications, said, “We must ensure that the facility is being utilized as intended. Various building code standards exist for residential properties, particularly those used for short-term stays.”

Musk may now face the heat for illegally converting office spaces into bedrooms. Local authorities in San Francisco have opened an investigation into Elon Musk’s decision to convert certain Twitter headquarters rooms into modest beds.

Twitter/ India Today | Elon Musk has fitted out Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters with bedrooms

Local television station KQED cited representatives from the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection stating that an investigation will be launched into “claims that Twitter has turned some office spaces at its headquarters into sleeping accommodations for employees.”

Musk replied to the probe by stating the beds are for Twitter staff who are exhausted. “Instead of ensuring that children are protected from fentanyl, the city of San Francisco targets businesses that provide beds for exhausted employees. Where do your priorities stand? “Musk tweeted. He also tagged the mayor of San Francisco, London Breed.

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