Lady Gaga’s Former Penthouse Could Be Yours For $35,000 Per Month!

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, famously known as Lady Gaga, is a 36-year-old American song producer and writer born in New York. Her journey had begun in her teens when she was first handed a microphone.

After all these years, she has won over 350 awards. Being the owner of several real estate all over the world, the songwriter has recently set up her previous penthouse in NYC for rent.


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A Dive Into The First Floor

The singer’s house measures about 222 yards, being a duo bedroom and restroom duplex. Stepping inside, the first thing to be seen is the lounge lined with a decent burnt brown floor, while the walls have a white color, giving a sophisticated look.

The floor is structured with two balconies, the first one paving into the bedroom while the second one, gives a direct entrance into the dining room from the drawing room. The place is furnished with a minimalist touch, having a light brown four-seater dining table in the center, and a simple chandler.

The house has a central AC system installed, giving it an ideal temperature throughout the seasons. Also lies the cookhouse on the first floor, which has a color scheme different from the rest of the house, including basic silver linings, white walls, and cabinets for the chef to create scrumptious meals.

sergio souza /pexels  | Imagine inhaling the fresh air, and the breezy wind, making your mood and life better.

A Reason To Not Let Go Of This Offer

This penthouse being a place of a celebrity is a valid enough point to want you to live there, but another reason that makes this house a keeper is the view. As said by Lady Gaga, be it the first or the second floor, there is not a single room or balcony that does not give you the breathtaking sight of Central Park and some of the town area.

The flat allows you to see the park from the entrance to the very last gate of it, giving one a meditative surrounding, perfect for the lungs and mental health both!

Monstera /pexels | The celebrity’s bathtub has all the peace you need.

A Walk To The Second Floor

Waking up from the staircase, you reach the second floor of the celebrity house, where resides the main bedroom. It’s said that she would rest here whenever she came. The second floor seems to be more luxurious yet minimalist at the same time.

The bedroom has its own fireplace giving the room a vintage touch, while the bed has the softest pillows and a queen-sized mattress to get you dozed as soon as you stepped in it, was covered with clean white sheets and a comforter on top.

The room has an off-white tone with a built-in cupboard to save up space. Moving out of the room there is an immensely spacious bathroom, bigger than the kitchen, allowing one to relax forever.

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